Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Reason and Explanation

I have tried my hardest already, but nothing has changed.

When I was still an elementary student I used to be "naning" when it comes to school activities, I've always been in the honor list. But because of my bitch face, my math teacher from my 6th grade been trying to drop me on the honor list. First grading, I was 6th. Second grading, I was 5th. Third grading I was 4th. Then, bullshit tragedy happened. This happens many times, every time I talked a little, this math teacher will always give me her bitch look and shouted at me in her bitch manner. I'm Nikki Omas-as and I don't wanna be shouted at things that are not worth shouting for. My patience reached to its limit, and so I talked back at her and defended myself. I gave her the best bitch face and best bitch speech slash insult, and she shut her mouth and looked so speechless. The class has ended so well. That was the reason why I graduated in elementary without any awards. I was expecting to be 3rd on the fourth grading but the bitch teacher gave me 78 in my math subject. This is the explanation why I don't give a damn fuck about school anymore.

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