Friday, June 05, 2015

A Thousand Pieces Of You

Reading books has been my addiction for the past few years.

I know, I don't seem like the type of person who reads a book. But, when I was young, my mommy (grandmother) used to go to our house just to tutor my brother and I since we are her only grand children that time, and she used to be an honourable teacher by the way. I remember her doing a puppy face whenever I say I'm done reading, looking at her face half upset because I only read like twenty pages, so I couldn't do anything but to continue reading and reading. In spite of that, I'm so thankful of her that she never gets tired of teaching and lecturing us about school. Because of her, I always get the green color in my elementary days since in my elementary school, having a green color means you are the fastest reader in your class. However, when I was young, I do not mind anything about school but games and sports like running and karate, I was kind of a boyish that my parents were afraid I might be a lesbian when I get old. They also enrolled me in piano lessons, but I reasoned out that dogs often chased me whenever I walked going home, such lame excuses just to get out of piano lessons right? Hahahaha I told you I am not into girly stuff. Somehow, I regret not listening to them, melancholic about the thought of piano. But then again, that's all in the past.

I never knew A Thousand Pieces Of You is this incredible, the story is about leaping through other dimensions, which is exciting. The story combines mystery, fantasy, romance, thriller, and science fiction. Every page is worth the read, and the best thing is that I haven't encountered tedious parts. So I'm going to stop talking about it right now, I don't wanna spoil everyone just because I'm done reading about it, lol. I recommend this book.