Sunday, June 14, 2015


Telling a person about the flaws they have is kind of a pussy move.

No one has the right to say these and those to a person, especially if that person has never done anything that had hurt your feelings. I may seem hypocrite by saying these things but NO, I don't insult people in an awful way, particularly in front of many people because that would lessen his or her confidence. However, if this person has already done anything to me that I didn't like, specifically if we've never gotten along that much or should I say, we hardly know each other like I've never even considered him or her as a friend from the very beginning just an acquaintance or workmate. Well, good luck on that because I will absolutely hurt your feelings on point, and if I am starting to insult and ignore you that means the things we had will never be the same. That's why, think before you ink. That means you have to think what you are going to say before inking it in people's brain because you can never undo the things you've already done. Just like a tattoo, it may be removed but the pain will be times two. As for me, I don't/never forget hurtful things that have said to me even if it was a long time ago.

Hurtful words taught me to be better in life, to work harder, to have confidence, and to not care at all. Because when you do not care, you are happy. You need not to worry about everything and anything that surrounds you. And you will learn to love your flaws and respect yourself. Because I know someone out there will learn to appreciate the things that I do and love me for who I am.

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