Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Single But Heart Broken

From the first day I set my eyes on him, I knew I was going to like him.

He is not the girls' dream guy or ideal guy, neither do I. Even so, there is something about him that would make the butterflies in my stomach dance and sing. His jolly attitude and sense of humour are the things that caught my attention. Many days have passed I have got to know him better, and my feelings had gotten even stronger. I knew few things about what he likes. Well, straight to the point, I am not his type. I am not the kind of girl whom he would actually like and his family would like. 

Nevertheless, I was thankful that he doesn't have any feelings towards me, because myself and I was not even sure if I do really like him or is he just some kind of guys I would like at first, then boom gone. Nonetheless, I still tried to be close and clingy just so I would know if I have genuine feelings for him. I knew he is already annoyed by my existence and by my nonstop cheesy doings, but he didn't stop me, perhaps because he knows I am sensitive, and he might hurt my feelings. However, I still tried, and tried and tried and hoping that he would like me back. 

Then, for how many months I have proven to myself that I do, in fact, like him. When I came to realization that I am indeed into him, I stopped being clingy towards him, owing to the fact that I don't want to push these feelings and I don't want to fall in love with the person who doesn't even have feelings for me. It is a shame that the feelings he has for me is contrary to what I feel

for him.

But life goes on, there is always someone out there who's worthy of it all.

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