Facts About Me

  1. I started going to school at the age of 2
  2. I joined Karate when I was in grade 3
  3. My parents enrolled me in piano lesson but I did not pursue because I thought it was too girly
  4. When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be an architect
  5. I used to swim a lot in beaches when I was in grade school until the 2nd year of highschool
  6. I was a volleyball varsity player when I was in 4th year highschool
  7. I used to play soccer when I was 1st year highschool
  8. I used to play badminton when I was 2nd year highschool
  9. I started running when I was grade 4
  10. I learned how to drive a motorbike when I was 8 years old
  11. It took me less than 30 minutes to learn how to drive a car
  12. I learned how to do split by accident because I slipped on the floor
  13. I was the "patihaya" queen when I was in highschool
  14. I was in kindergarten when I started liking guys hahaha
  15. I love dogs, big dogs/small dogs
  16. I learned to play guitar when I was in 2nd year highschool
  17. I like fat and fierce cats
  18. Adriana Lima is my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel
  19. I like rapping. If you want me to memorize a rap song. I could do it within a day or less than a day.
  20. I've always wanted to be an assassin
  21. I don't go to church but I have a huge faith in God
  22. I don't like to wear heels unless the party I am attending to are wearing heels
  23. I like to read novels in any genre
  24. I like to read criminal records
  25. I am not afraid of Clowns
  26. I was left hanging by the person I loved.
  27. I love all kinds of music but I first fell in love with Hip Hop and Rap since I was very young.
  28. I want to be super rich so I could help the less fortunate people
  29. I have always wanted to see a human being recovered from a huge snakes body in real life
  30. I love extreme rides! e.g Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom and Space Mountain in Hong Kong Disneyland
  31. When I was in college, I did not take my final exam in one of my major subjects on purpose. The reason is, I needed lots of sleep. School is life but sleep is lifer lmao.
  32. My favourite colours are nude and maroon. (But my most favourite are the absence of colours and they are black and white)
  33. My favourite flowers are roses and baby's breath

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